The Rest of the Summer – My July Plans

How is it July already? This summer is going by fast, as always, but the last few weeks of my break before returning to teaching will be jam-packed with trips and activities. I know it’s going to fly by.

Next week, we’ll be going on our annual family beach trip hosted by my grandparents. This year we are returning to Destin, Florida for a week of beachin’ and family time.

When we return, we have one week that I want to dedicate to doing things around Baton Rouge and southern Louisiana. I found some articles about mini-road trips and staycations. Plus, there are so many attractions in Baton Rouge that I still haven’t visited. I have a Pinterest board of local things to do that I need to make a dent in!

The week after that we are traveling for our second anniversary to Los Angeles. We’ll be staying in Venice and exploring some different neighborhoods as well. I’ll definitely take note of my travels here.

After that, it’s nearly time for back-to-school. Overall, I’ve had a relaxing summer and I’ve started some projects that I’ve been putting off for a while. I’m also getting more creative with art and food, which has made me happy and has been a nice escape from the stress of the school year.

watercolor apples
Practicing with some watercolors in my sketchbook

How are you spending your July?

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Hello world!

Welcome to Desks and Dreams. I’m Heidi, a twenty-something teacher living in southern Louisiana. I’ve had many blogs throughout the years, but I never really kept up with anything for more than a couple years at a time. I hope to have a fresh start and have this space to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

I got married just over one month ago. It was a crazy and fun experience so I have lots to share in that area. I also just started my second year teaching and it already feels very different from the first.

I hope to fill this blog with things I am passionate about – teaching, technology, food, crafts, and more. If you’re reading, follow along! I hope you can find something helpful or inspiring here. Thanks for visiting!

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