[GEAUX TIGERS] It’s Football Season!

The school year began and I got insanely busy, but it’s finally fall break and I am trying to get back to the blog a little bit! Back to school also means back to football. Saturdays around here are spent tailgating and wearing purple (and eating way too much delicious food along the way).

Ironically, the nicest game of the year weather-wise was the first one. Can we please get that cool front back now?

I like tailgating, but sometimes (most of the time) it’s exhausting. One Saturday we enjoyed brunch in downtown Baton Rouge before heading to campus. We went to Cocha and it was amazing!

We even got the whole family in town for homecoming. We won’t discuss the results of that game.

But when you see a purple sofa, you take a F•R•I•E•N•D•S photo!

Before I go, here are some LSU tailgating tips from someone who’s been doing this a while!

LSU Football Tailgate Tips

  1. Drink water throughout the day. Have a beer, have a water, repeat.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
  3. Go to the Parade Grounds and get free stuff (some weeks). I got a free clear bag just for signing up to win a free Nissan. You can always unsubscribe from emails!
  4. Walk around and tailgate-hop. It makes the day go by fast and you’ll see all kinds of fun stuff.
  5. Wear tiger print and NOT other wild cat prints. We are not leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, zebras, etc. If you hear a stranger call you out on this, sorry – it’s probably me.
  6. Wear closed-toe shoes. If you insist on a heel, go with boots. Bring bandaids just in case!
  7. Staying until the very end of the game will sometimes make your drive home easier. If you see a lot of people leaving in the 4th quarter, wait until after the Alma Mater and the traffic will probably have died down. Plus, staying the whole time is fun!
  8. Don’t start tailgating too early. The football game is the whole point of the day, you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy it. Trust me, I’ve been there!

And even though this season hasn’t gone how we hoped, GEAUX TIGERS.


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The Rest of the Summer – My July Plans

How is it July already? This summer is going by fast, as always, but the last few weeks of my break before returning to teaching will be jam-packed with trips and activities. I know it’s going to fly by.

Next week, we’ll be going on our annual family beach trip hosted by my grandparents. This year we are returning to Destin, Florida for a week of beachin’ and family time.

When we return, we have one week that I want to dedicate to doing things around Baton Rouge and southern Louisiana. I found some articles about mini-road trips and staycations. Plus, there are so many attractions in Baton Rouge that I still haven’t visited. I have a Pinterest board of local things to do that I need to make a dent in!

The week after that we are traveling for our second anniversary to Los Angeles. We’ll be staying in Venice and exploring some different neighborhoods as well. I’ll definitely take note of my travels here.

After that, it’s nearly time for back-to-school. Overall, I’ve had a relaxing summer and I’ve started some projects that I’ve been putting off for a while. I’m also getting more creative with art and food, which has made me happy and has been a nice escape from the stress of the school year.

watercolor apples
Practicing with some watercolors in my sketchbook

How are you spending your July?

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Greeting Card Keepsake Album: How to Save & Organize Greeting Cards

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a tutorial for a special keepsake using your greeting cards that’s easy to make and preserves your memories for years to come.

One thing I have a really hard time doing is throwing away greeting cards or letters. I just imagine one day looking back on them and enjoying the memories. Plus, some cards I receive are so beautiful. It would be painful for me to throw them away.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your collection of greeting cards, besides throwing them away? If you’re like me and have old greeting cards, notes, and letters stashed away, I have an easy way to turn them into a nice keepsake!

How to Save and Organize Greeting Cards

In order to save and organize your greeting cards, you just need a new craft supplies that you may already have lying around. Soon enough, you’ll have an album of greeting cards to enjoy for years to come. It’s like a mini-scrapbook just for cards.

Here’s how!

Supplies for Greeting Card Album

You’ll need:

  • Scraps of cardboard or foam board
  • Pencil
  • 1 or 3 hole punch
  • Glue
  • Binder/Album rings
  • Embellishments such as scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, stickers, markers, etc.
  • Greeting cards

Step One: Organize Greeting Cards

Supplies for Greeting Card Album

Collect your cards! For this album, I’m using my 2016 Christmas cards (I know… I’ve been stashing them for 6 months!). Organize them in the order in which you want them in the album. I usually do this by size.

Step Two: Hole Punch the Cards

Greeting Card Album How-To

Now, start hole punching your cards and putting them on the album rings. I have 1″ rings, but the size you’ll need depends on how many cards you have. Next time, I’ll probably get slightly bigger rings!

Greeting Card Album How-To

Out of another piece of cardboard, I made a template to make sure the two holes are lined up for each card. I lined the template up on each card, made a small pencil mark, and then punched the holes. You could also use a 3-hole-punch and use just two of the holes in order to skip this step, but my single punch worked better with the thick cardstock.

Greeting Card Album How-To

Here’s what my book looked like once I hole punched and added all of my greeting cards. Now you’re ready to make the covers!

Step Three: Make the Covers

Greeting Card Album How-To

You’re going to use cardboard or foam board to make a front and back cover for your album. The largest cards I had were 8 inches in length, so I know my cover needs to be at least this size. I cut a rectangle out of a cardboard scrap I had saved (my refusal to throw away scraps comes in handy for this type of project) that measured 6″ by 8″.

Step Four: Decorate the Covers

Greeting Card Album How-To

Now it’s time to get creative! Depending on the theme of your cards, you can really have fun with this. Since I was using Christmas cards, I used some 12″ by 12″ holiday scrapbook paper. Wrapping paper would also be a great way to cover the cardboard.

Greeting Card Album Cover Decorating

Wrap the cover up like a gift!

Greeting Card Album Cover Decorating

I recently got this papercrafting glue and it works really well. It’s strong and dries fast, and it’s strong enough to hold down thicker paper and cardstock.

Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, 4-Ounce

Greeting Card Album Cover Decorating

A piece of plain red paper finishes it up!

Greeting Card Album Cover Decorating

Hole punch your covers (using your template, if you made one).

Step 5: Decorate & Assemble

Greeting Card Album How-To

Decorate the front cover however you’d like, add both covers to your album rings, and close ’em up! You’ve got a greeting card album!

Greeting Card Album How-To

Now you can flip through your greeting cards easily now that they are all organized in an album.

Here are some of the other albums I’ve made:

Greeting Card Album How-To

Valentines and Birthday Cards

(The dog is from a cute box of chocolates my husband gave me. If you haven’t realized yet, I keep everything remotely sentimental.)

Greeting Card Album How-To

Miscellaneous and Christmas 2015 Cards

Break out your crafty side and get creative! How do you organize and save your greeting cards? Do you keep them or throw them away?

Feel free to share how you’ve saved your cards – I’d love to see!

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Austin, Texas Wedding Weekend Getaway

Hi again! Another travel post today. Last month we traveled to Austin, Texas for a cousin’s wedding in beautiful Texas Hill Country. We tried to squeeze in as much as we could for a short weekend trip. I had never visited Austin before, so I was excited to see the city. Read on to discover some great things to see, do and eat in Austin, Texas!

We got in late on a Thursday so we could enjoy the whole day Friday and explore. We started with a walk to South Congress to shop and saunter. We saw lots of awesome things, like handmade cowboy boots, quirky t-shirts, and Austin-inspired home goods. We also happened to run into something from home – the Krewe house from New Orleans!

We went in and I got a complimentary sunglasses cleaning since of course – I was already rocking my Krewe “Toulouse” frames!

The adorable Hotel San José drew us in with a chalkboard advertising frosé (frozen rosé). Next time I visit I’d love to stay here – it’s a little garden oasis right off of S. Congress with a trendy bar area and a pool.

Frosé and my Krewe Toulouse sunglasses in Catahoula + Black.

Here’s my beautiful sister enjoying a walk around the lake – check out her fashion posts at Leo Looks!

Torchy’s Tacos is worth the hype! We visited the food truck location and thoroughly enjoyed our tacos and queso.

A tourist’s trip to S. Congress isn’t complete without a picture by this iconic wall. However, all I really wanted to do was this:

Can’t escape the grammar!

Austin is full of colorful walls!

Dinner was enjoyed by all at Osteria Pronto – and props to them for taking our reservation for 15 people!

We didn’t want to leave Austin without a little taste of the nightlife. We walked down the trendy Rainey St. Historic District. Rainey St. includes blocks of unique bars in historic houses and buildings. It was graduation weekend, so it was a popular spot!

I ended my night with Little Lucy’s mini donuts before walking back to our hotel.

Saturday, we had planned on an early morning trip to Barton Springs and some hiking. However, the weather had different ideas. We ended up having brunch at Magnolia Café and visiting a few more shops around the area. After that, we had to get ready for the wedding – the reason we were in Austin! The wedding itself was out in Hill Country about 45 minutes away.

Dress – Express • Boots – Frye • Menswear – Belk

Before we flew out Sunday, we didn’t want to leave without seeing the Capitol! It was another rainy, dreary day, but we wanted to make the most of it.

We walked around the Capitol grounds, which are really nice. We walked through the Capitol itself, which boasts some cool statues, paintings, and portraits of all of Texas’s governors. I enjoy museums and I have a degree in History – so this type of stuff is right up my alley!

Our last stop was Frank. It’s a cool little joint that serves up hotdogs and beer, among other things. We didn’t have time for lunch, but we sat at the bar and enjoyed the atmosphere and eclectic decorations. We enjoyed a local beer and a Bomba – which is a Modelo with hot sauce, salt, and a lime. Surprisingly refreshing! We had to rush but this is a place I wouldn’t hesitate to return to!

Frank happens to have this wall nearby. I like walls with quotes. It was a nice little send-off before we headed to the airport. I hope to return to Austin to explore more of its self-described weirdness. There’s so much to see and do!

Until next time!


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New Orleans Tropical Bachelorette Trip

Happy summer! Today I wanted to share the bachelorette party I planned for my best friend, Lauren. She just got married and made the most gorgeous bride, but the other bridesmaids and I wanted to have a little girl’s night before the big day. We planned an evening in New Orleans, which counts as a “staycation” for most of us. But why go anywhere else? New Orleans is the perfect place for a bachelorette!

Read on to see photos of my decorations and to snag some free downloads!

Our Bourbon Street AirBnB was glamorous on its own – but a few pops of color made it personal for our bachelorette. I decorated a chipboard pennant banner from Hobby Lobby with paper cut with my Silhouette machine. I added some washi tape, brads, and ribbon to finish it up. The fun tissue paper pom poms are from The Container Store – one of my favorite places ever!

The coffee table featured gifts for our lingerie shower, games, and pencils to play them. I also made a “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” sign that you can download here for free. Just have all of the ladies put on their best and brightest lipstick and kiss the sign. It makes for a cute souvenir!

Hanging decorative balls – Ikea

Cardboard food displays – Ikea

Paper plates and cups – Target

Mini party hats – 5 Below

Snacks were a must! I filled these cute cardboard display stands with cookies (shaped like butts and bras, of course), cheese, crackers, fruits, and veggies. It’s important to snack before a night out on the town!

I personalized a mini rosé champagne for each bridesmaid and the bride. You can get the cute pineapple tags for free here. I also had some cute straws, stirrers, and a lemon vodka drink in a festive bottle from Target.

I made the straw/stirrer holder out of an old Bath and Body Works candle! Once I cleaned out the excess candle wax, a little washi tape and pineapple sticker made it brand new!

Here’s our glamorous bride ready to party! Congratulations, Lauren!

Ready for some freebies? Click the links below to download some of the activities I made for this bachelorette party. You can print them out on cardstock and use however you wish!


21 Questions Game – Before the bash, have the bachelor answer these 21 questions. Then, have the bride answer during the bachelorette party. See how their answers match up! You can turn this into a drinking game where the bride-to-be has to drink for each incorrect match.

Bachelorette Bottoms Up – A simple drinking game, but just slightly risqué.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt – A fun game to play while bar-hopping! See which lady can earn the most points throughout the night. I printed these 4 to a regular 8.5 x 11 page and also sent a digital version out so everyone could participate.

Bachelorette Itinerary (Editable PDF) – Fill out your schedule of events with this editable PDF. Open in Adobe Reader and type – easy!

Kiss the Miss Goodbye – Pucker up and make a cute souvenir of the night. You could frame this for a cute gift for the bride!

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A Trip to Nashville’s Draper James

Happy New Year!

After Christmas, my family planned a quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee. After a Christmas Day flight (including singing Christmas carols in the terminal), we started our first full day in the city with a trip to 12th Avenue South. Among the charming shops on this stretch is Draper James, the ultimate destination for everything southern and chic!

Upon walking through the big blue doors, you are immediately offered sweet tea. This might be the best marketing strategy I’ve ever experienced! Who could resist?

I dressed more for comfort this day – a Piko top, Loft leggings, comfortable booties, and my beloved anorak. For a little style, I added a Baublebar choker and my Krewe sunnies.

Peace Y’all



I love 12 South! More on my Nashville trip coming soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Whiteboard Journals

For my Publishing class, I get my students in the mood for writing by doing a daily journal prompt. So far, I’ve borrowed a lot of these ideas from Pinterest, but my students really enjoy seeing what the question and illustration will be for the day. I try to set aside some time to doodle (which ends up calming me as well) each day to make the writing prompt fun and colorful. Here are some of them so far!

It ends up being a great use of my whiteboard and starts the class off with reflection and writing.

Tasty Tuesday
Wild Wednesday
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California Dreaming

At the end of July, my family took a vacation to Southern California. Here’s a little overview of what we did, wore, and (most importantly) ate.

California Food

ZinquéMalibu Farm • Lama DogLos AgavesScopa Italian Roots

I could go on about the food, but I will say that everything we had was fresh and delicious. I miss having avocado on everything!

Continue reading to see my adventures in Malibu, Santa Barbara, Venice, L.A., and Santa Monica!

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